Hi,and welcome to Telstar South!Back in the days of Pirate radio I was part of this great station which played golden oldies on Sunday evenings.Later I helped out with another Pirate, Radio Free London (rock music).Its been my dream to recreate Telstar again but the Golden Boys from back then decided to shut up shop. So here I am with a brand new Telstar South,but with a difference..there will be lots of golden oldies but also classic rock tracks, new music and anything that I think you may enjoy. I hope you will! Thanks for listening - and please remember these are test broadcasts so any comments would be greatly appreciated.Meanwhile here's an interesting short history of Telstar(with thanks to Rock Radio)...


Telstar became the most popular pirate radio station on the air during the late seventies. You must realise that a Golden Oldies station had never been tried before in the United Kingdom and it created masses of interest. It seems strange looking back, that no Golden Oldies stations existed then, especially with the plethora of Gold stations that clutter up medium wave today, but at the time there was nothing to touch Radio Telstar. Kid Johnson became the most well known presenter on Telstar along with Horace Cracksman. (who on Earth thought of that name; must have been KJ eh!).


Dave Reading also regularly appeared on the station and did a lot of post production jingle work. Dave Reading was responsible for the Kenny Everett jingles used on Radio Free London today. Apparently he visited Kenny Everett at his home and Kenny did the jingles for RFL.


Later, Dawn Peters joined and did many programmes including several Shadows spectaculars, and also recorded many of the Telstar jingles for the other DJ's. Dawn went on to join Radio Free London in 1988 where she also did voice overs and jingles with Mike Burnett.


Dawn Peters has always been much in demand for her voice overs and jingle making ability and has made personality idents for Mark Ashton, Kid johnson, Dave Reading and Mike Burnett to name but a few. The giggling often heard at the end of a Dawn Peters jingle is usually an outake that sounded so good it was included in the final master. Part of the process of making jingles with Dawn is the giggling that occurs and has often had the whole studio in complete hysterics and unable to carry on.


Dawn Peters also helped with site work and was the person who replied to the letters and took phone calls on the station. She was once taking calls in a phone box with Dave Reading in Beckenham, Kent and suddenly they found themselves surrounded by Police!!! In a recent interview She said..."We were all questioned and told the police it was a meeting place and when asked why we were all carrying radio's we said we were listening to the top twenty chart show! We were all questioned one by one and I refused to give my age to the policeman! I remember Mark Ashton driving past in his car watching it all going on; I think he was in a Capri"


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