There were many regular listeners to Telstar and it's only right that a few of them should be mentioned here. Memories of the most avid listeners would be... The Potty Family, Carol, Dibs and Paul, who still send Dawn Peters a Christmas card to this day. Jim in Sidcup (sadly now passed away), Noel Pritchard, Erica Edwards, Gavin Lawrence and Steven Cruikshank from West Wickham.


There were many other behind the scenes helpers including Alan Ford who offered the use of his address and sometimes telephone number too for the Telstar mail. He was also responsible for helping to put the aerials at the top of some very high trees, which ensured Telstar could be heard loud and clear most weeks. The station broadcast on that favourite frequency of 92.8MHz VHF and usually broadcast for just one hour from 7 till 8pm on a Sunday night. This later increased to two hours during the early eighties.


Radio Telstar certainly cheered up my dull Sunday evenings before it was time to make for the pub. Sundays were staggeringly dull in those days and Radio Telstar gave us a short but very enjoyable lift from this darkness. It was not unknown for Telstar to get over 100 phone calls during the hour they were on air and at it's peak, hundreds of letters were arriving each week. This was a record response in its day and considerably more popular than Radio Jackie which had been established for many more years.


During those early days, Telstar always broadcast from field sites out in the wilds of Kent and therefore had to cover a lot of unpopulated land before reaching most of their audience. It would have been a better idea to broadcast from a high point closer to London but this wasn't easy with the way Telstar was run.


Written by Mike Burnett - December 1998


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